Every year digital marketers and content writers unite to create amazing ideas and even more amazing memories to take back home. Blogging conferences are like parties for your mind. These conferences not only give you the chance to meet the big and famous people of the industry but also encourage the exchange of ideas and experiences.

Some of the best blogging conferences in 2017 may be happening in the city you live in but you still may not have any clue about it! Fear not, we are here to light the path to knowledge on some of the best conferences that are held around the globe to make sure that you attend at least one of these astounding events.

Not only are blogging conferences great for discussing the top blogging trends with your fellow bloggers but they are also incredible places for meeting new people and discovering their stories.

So without further ado, I bring to you a list of some of the best blogging conferences in 2017.

Blogging Conferences in 2017


1. INBOUND 2017


With incredible speakers like best-selling author Brene Brown and the former first lady of the United States Michelle Obama coming on the dice to give even more incredible speeches, INBOUND 2017 promises to be an event of a lifetime for marketers and bloggers alike.

With 92 countries being seen represented, INBOUND 2016 saw more than 19,000 attendees, all of whom having  immense praise for the event with Justin Guido, a senior director of business development, saying that the event was, “by far the most fun, entertaining, educational, and inspirational event [he has] ever been to.” 

Past keynote speakers for the conference include greats like Serena Williams, Alec Baldwin and Gary Vaynerchuk. This year the event promises to be more memorable with speakers like Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah (the founders of Hubspot), Michelle Obama (Former first lady of the US), Piera Gelardi (Co-founder of REFINERY29), Brit Marling (Creator of The QA) among many others taking the stage.

The event is scheduled to be held in Boston, MA during the dates September 25-28, 2017. Registrations have already begun and although the tickets are a bit steep, the prices are well worth the experience.

To know more about the event, you can check out their website by clicking here.

2.Bloggy Con


Bloggy Con is another of the top awaited blogging conferences in 2017 due to being held from September 15-17. The main goal of the conference is welcome its attendees to a vast collection of speakers and workshops and help them develop their online strategies through different meetups on the various domains of blogging like lifestyle, fashion, digital products etc through the course of the three days of the event.

Jessica of Follow My Arrow attended the conference in last year and says that “ this experience [gave her] the confidence to look at this new venture as a possible future career rather than just a dream or hobby. ”  A fantastic place to make new friends and discuss the current trends of the blogging world, what makes Blogging Con different is that as a conference, it is much more laid back with friendly vibes.

Hurry up! The lanes for Bloggy Con 2017 are now open for registration.



Self-advertised as the largest social gathering of travel bloggers, content creators, and writers, TBEX or Travel Blog Exchange is a fantastic place to mingle with the top crowds of the industry and rub shoulders with the most influential bloggers and socially savvy brands.

A great way to discover some of the best strategies and campaigns along with uncountable tips and tricks, TBEX promises to not only be a travel extravaganza with the most stunning conference destinations but also a great place to help you and your business grow to new heights.

There are currently two TBEX conferences due in 2017 and 2018 in Ireland and Zimbabwe respectively:

  • TBEX Europe to be held in Killarney, Ireland from the dates October 3-5, 2017. Click here to register.
  • TBEX Africa to be held in Harare, Zimbabwe from the dates July 27-28, 2018. Click here to register.

Here is a PDF containing FAQs that perfectly sums up what TDEX is.

The Internet has become an easy, accessible medium to reach out to your audience and alongside, be a platform for the creative minds of today to vent out their views and opinions and discuss their ideas for the future. The modern era sees a vast change in how things used to be and how they are done now.

The enthusiastic minds are now paving the way for the old and the new in the digital era and innovation is at an all-time high. Come be a part of the change. Give yourself the opportunity to attend one of these incredible events, watch yourself grow and have fun in the way while you’re at it.

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