So you have finally decided to take your blog to new skyscraper heights and have realized that along with the current trends, blogging tools also play quite a role in your blog’s success. Blogging tools help you to discover content ideas and make that brain of yours run on creative adrenaline. Here are some of the must-have blogging tools that we have been in love with for a long time and can’t imagine our lives without.

The Top 5 Must Have Blogging Tools for 2017


1. WordPress

A no-brainer, WordPress is among the best of the must have blogging tools list to effectively strategize and plan out the content that you are about to present on your blog. It has one of the most user-friendly interfaces that we have ever seen and is very easy to get started with. It powers a majority of the content that you see online and is a tool that a lot of bloggers swear by.


The best thing about WordPress is that it does not require any technical knowledge or skills, the tool takes care of all the backend stuff leaving you to focus only on you and your content. It has additional extensions and plug-ins for those of you needing particular functionalities like image optimization or security. Some examples that are available as extended plug-ins are Hummingbird, which offers a variety of features starting from image compression to browser caching, and Defender for regular security checks against threats.

For those of you that want to extract the maximum benefits from WordPress, this guide is sure to provide answers to all your doubts and questions regarding this incredible tool.

2. Feedly

Feedly is a news aggregator which is available on desktop and mobile (currently IOS and Android) and is an amazing place to keep up to date with the latest trends and practices from various fields from Technology to Fashion. It has a wide range of content and is a great place for those of you wanting to discover new authors or content or even sources for referral the next time you’re stuck on a topic.


One of the most widely used tools out there, Feedly is definitely up there in the must have blogging tools list with its easy highlighting and share features which makes sharing the stories you love that much easier. A site to definitely check out, we are sure that Feedly is not going to disappoint you or your cravings for content.

3. BuzzSumo

Another great resource to add to your list, BuzzSumo offers a wealth of content for new ideas and discoveries. BuzzSumo is extremely easy to use for a new beginner and helps in analyzing content and the various sources that the content comes’s from.

Put in a keyword and BuzzSumo will bring you the most relevant and popular links among millions of resources over the web. Not only does it save you a lot of effort and hard work, but it also saves you a ton of time. The time can now be better utilized by curating actual content to publish. Here is a link that describes perfectly what BuzzSumo is and the various features it offers.

4. Evernote

One of the greatest cross-platform apps out there, Evernote offers a bundle of benefits and amazing features to its users. It can be used as a platform to share important notes or documents with your teammates or as a simple things-to-do note taking app. With a beautiful fresh and clean interface, Evernote offers a place where you can add in anything in any format, be it audio, video, text files or important documents.

Though it took us a while to get the hang of it, once you start fully utilizing all the wonders that Evernote has to offer, there is no turning back. We now use Evernote for everything, starting from saving links for future references to using it as a journal to store all of our important ideas and possible plans for our future endeavors.

5. Trello

A lot of you may already be familiar with the collaboration tool which helps amazingly in effectively planning and strategizing team projects. But a lot of you may also be wondering how Trello can possibly be used in creating an efficient blog or more specifically, blogger.

Trello makes use of boards with the help of cards for you to integrate your plans and ideas all in one place. It gives you options to assign work and it’s deadlines and also keeps a check on who’s doing what. You can set up different boards for the different features of your blog. Different blog aspects like articles, collaborative ideas and newsletters can be set up on different boards and the cards can be added in these boards to put forward ideas or assign work to the team.


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