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The Start Plan is our beginner plan. At just $249 a month, this plans help you get started with an effective content plan without having to break the bank. 


This plan offers:


1. One post per week


2. Each post is at least 500 words


3. One focus keyword and topic


4. Get article drafts and custom images directly in Wordpress using the "Publish" add-on at just $39


5. Everythig in the "Publish" add-on plus custom messages with each post for social media sharing using the "Impress" add-on at just $49


All our articles are written by experienced writers and are SEO optimized. 

We’ve always struggled to find people in our niche who are good at articulating highly technical topics like cybersecurity. The BlogPanda team is helping us save a lot of time and effort for us and their articles perform great too!

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