We are super excited to launch BlogPanda today.

We are a bunch of twenty-somethings, (shh… some are nearing thirty and are getting extremely paranoid), who think that the world today has changed a lot. Yet, a lot of the content we see around us is just plain boring. We started BlogPanda to provide businesses a simple yet affordable and effective solution to create brand stories that are impactful, stories that people love!

Over the last few months, we’ve met a lot of businesses to discuss the problems they face while marketing their brands to potential buyers. One thing that was common among most of them was that either their content plans were not in place or were not effective enough.

As a business, whether you are just starting out or are full-grown, we have plans that are suitable for everyone. More importantly, we have plans that are effective for everyone. The reason behind this is we have a small team and we pick our projects well. We know what we are good at and we’ll let you know up front if we can take up your project or not. We are not some outsourced agency that can be an article churning machine. We want to be as much part of your team as anyone else sitting in your office right now. We’ll work closely with you and make sure we succeed together.

All our writers have experience running effective content plans for a variety of companies ranging from media houses to startups to banks. In fact, some of our teammates still contribute to popular publications around the world.

We are excited to start this journey. We are even more excited to help other businesses achieve a lot of success through the power of content. Oh, before we forget, a few people were worried and asked us “Shouldn’t I be writing my blogs and content myself? Well, there are a lot of things that one should be doing – like working out every day, calling your mother and adopting a stray dog. But we all know many things often go for a toss. As far as writing is concerned, some people are great at it while others aren’t. If writing comes naturally to you, then yes, please do write your own blogs. For everyone else, there’s BlogPanda!

To know more, visit us at blogpanda.io