When over 2 million blog posts are published each day, it becomes more difficult to actually get people to read your content. A good piece of writing is, of course, the key to getting readers and retain them, but it should also ideally be published on an authoritative site to rank in the search engine results page (SERP), and the site should have an active audience that will share it via social media. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, it should have an outstanding title that will make people want to read it.

For example, something generic and bland like ‘Useful Pinterest Tips’ won’t do the trick, but something more intriguing like ‘7 Things They Didn’t Want You to Know about Pinterest’ just might. 

How to go about selecting blog titles you ask? We bring you 5 Ways To Choose A Blog Title That Everyone Will Click:

Think Of Your Title In The End

This piece of advice is completely my personal disposition: I find the best titles come to me AFTER writing the post. Sometimes all you need to have is a clear idea of the ‘hook line’ you’re using before you can come up with a killer title – and often that hook only comes to you WHILE you are writing the post. Generally speaking, the post title will be also utilized as the title tag that appears in the search results. Therefore, a good approach is to keep it below Google’s display limit of 70 characters, so that it will appear in completely in the SERPs and attract the reader to click on it. Another perk is that title of such length can also comfortably fit into a tweet.


Create Controversy or Debate

This is the technique used by most of the blogs to draw people to a post. Haven’t we all come across super controversial titles which have a certain shock element to it? It tempts you to click it, and the work is done! You do need to be willing to back these types of titles up with posts that reflect the title – but controversy is one of those things that tends to pique people’s interest. It often also comes with some extreme reaction in people, so beware! Keep in mind that when you create controversy you’ll attract strong reactions in people.


Ask a Question

When you ask a question those who read it are wired to respond (or to see what the response is). I find that questions at post titles can be very popular at not only drawing in readers – but particularly effective at getting readers to leave comments – particularly if the comment directs a question AT the reader (i.e use the word YOU in the question) rather than just being a random question.


Use Titles That Set The Right Theme

A blog title is expected to be more expressive than the title of a magazine piece. This has a particular psychology behind it: when someone reads a magazine title they have the whole piece in front of them, that is, the images, captions, everything is right in front to help them make a decision to read on. However, on the web, a blog post title is usually seen in the search results, Facebook share or in a tweet without any additional information. Therefore, it has to do more to convey what the article is about. Hence, one needs to be precise with the titles.


Use Title Generators

For beginners, or for certain posts where a mind-blowing topic title does not come to you – the best thing is to use a title generator that will suggest you what to write and what will be the fittest title for that.

Here are a few tools you can use to generate ideas. Input your subject and they will show you the magic.

All you have to do is while writing the post, input the keyword in the subject box of Potent, and the tools will generate some excellent title suggestions to write on.