There are hundreds of reasons why you as a business owner should create and maintain a blog and plenty of advice out there on what to write about. So it, of course, seems like an undebatable topic that you should sit down for an hour or two a month and write creative posts that engage your audience and help build your brand, right? Wrong. While yes, you definitely SHOULD have a blog that is updated regularly with quality, engaging content, what you SHOULD NOT be doing is writing your own blogs.


We bring to you 5 Reasons Why You Should NOT Be Writing Your Own Blogs


1. Save Time!

Blogging is an onerous job. You may THINK it will only take you an hour or two a month to update your blog, but creating a good content takes a lot more than that. One also has to account for the time it takes to come up with an engaging topic, research it, get quotes from experts (if necessary), edit it for content and grammar, find or create an image to post along with it. This doesn’t even take into account advanced blogging methods such as linking, networking with other bloggers and pushing your content out through social and other media. As a business owner, you need to be aware of what your time is worth. Would you be better served spending 8-10 hours on a blog post or would that time be better spent running your business?


2. This Is Not Your Area Of Expertise

You’re a business owner, so you probably ARE an expert in your field — but not a blogging expert. You’ve probably spent countless hours in school and continuing education classes, not to mention the experience you’ve had on the job and through additional reading and training. That’s where you excel and should continue to excel. Becoming an expert in blogging takes just as much time and energy — both of which you probably have little to spare. Why not, instead hire a blogger to create content for you which will work wonders for your business?


3. Blogging Is More Technical Than Fun

Blogging is indeed exciting and interesting in the beginning. First-time bloggers may post every day as ideas run rampant and they get that first rush of interaction. Inevitably, though, life gets in the way. Business picks up and they simply cannot take out the time required for blogging. Before they know it, months have passed with no updates whatsoever. If you’re working with a professional, this never happens. Their business and livelihood IS your blog, so it is never moved off their priority list.


4. You Are Not Well-Versed With The Nitpicks Of Blogging

Blogs for businesses should not just be a way to get your thoughts out there. They should have a PURPOSE and that purpose should always fit in with or enhance your overall marketing plan. Most business owners are too busy to even develop a full marketing plan, let alone write a blog that is dovetailing with their goals. Not having a plan for your blog can not only make it a waste of time, but it could actually harm your business.


5. We Are Here At Your Service

The good news about blogging is that it is an upcoming trend and there are plenty of experts to help you out in ways that will not only benefit your business but will take it to the next level altogether. The better news? We are here! Our team at BlogPanda always ensures customer satisfaction by delivering top quality content. Blogging for your business can take your company to the next level. However, spending your valuable time doing it is usually NOT the best option. Reach out to us to see how they can help you incorporate and leverage this powerful marketing tool.