Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach which aims to create and distribute valuable, relevant, and regular content to attract and retain a fixed set of audience and ultimately drive profitable customer action.

According to the 7th Annual B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends-North America report, Content Marketing is a highly effective technique as it costs 62% less than traditional marketing cost. The use of blogs by Business to business (B2B) marketers provided them with 67% more leads and 97% more links to their website enhancing search engine rankings and traffic.

So before this year ends, let us provide you with a brief throwback of the amazing hits of the year 2017 in the world of content marketing. The easiest way to find out about the top-rated blogs is by searching the keyword ‘Content Marketing’ on BuzzSumo. So here is the list of content marketing in review – the 7 highest shared blogs of the year.


Content Marketing in Review: The 7 Top-Shared Posts of 2017


1) 6 Tools to Turbocharge Your Content Marketing in 2017


Written by Thomas Smale of, This article stands on the top of the list with more than 30 thousand shares on various social media platforms. The articles provide us with six tools to boost brand engagement on site namely Buffer, Almighty.Press, SumoMe, Ninja Outreach, SendGrid, and Pushwoosh. When all these tools are used together, they can increase website usability.

Almighty.Press can be used to identify content with viral potential, Buffer tool automatically queues the content for social media syndication, SumoMe enhances the chances of a social share or email opt-in, SendGrid and Pushwoosh keeps the audience updated with the latest content and Ninja Outreach can help you establish better connections and increase business. So, this is how it works.


2) We Analyzed 100 Million Headlines. Here’s What We Learned (New Research)

This article is written by Steve Rayson on 26 June 2017, the article talks about the importance of catchy headlines to engage the reader to open it and read it. For this article, the author has analyzed 100 million article headlines on Facebook and Twitter published between 1st March to 10th May of the year 2017.

The article discusses 3 top headlines on Facebook (Will make you, That is why, Can we guess) and 3 worst performing phrases (Simple way to, That actually works, Don’t forget to). The article stands on the second position with around 18,000 shares.


3)12 Unusual Productivity Hacks to Help You Write Faster

Even though content marketing is a smart strategy but it is also a very time-consuming strategy as the time taken to develop the required content is way too much. So in order to help you use your time effectively and enhance the level of productivity of writers, and train you to create high-quality content and increase your ability to stand-out, Sonia Thompson, a Marketing Strategist, and an author wrote this article.

Standing at the third position in the list, the article has more than 14,000 number of shares.


4) 2017 Key To Small Business Social Media Marketing

This article written by the author, Gary Vaynerchuk, throws light on the number of different paid tactics of marketing at a lower level such as Facebook Advertising, Instagram influencer marketing, YouTube pre-rolls, Snapchat new ad product, etc. that will help grow your audience but it is highly important to put good creative content.

The article says no amount of paid media is going to turn bad creative into good content. It’s short and perfect explanation makes it 4th in the list with 12,900 as a total number of share.


5) Five Bullshit Metrics You Need to Stop Using to Measure Content Marketing Success

This article is written by Daniel Hochuli, with total 12,400 total numbers of shares aims to spark up a conversation on the meters designed to measure the effectiveness of an advertisement. He talks about the following techniques and claims all these to be bullshit-Impressions, Return on Investment (ROI), Bounce Rate, Benchmarks, The Funnel.

This article is more of a debate as the writer speaks from both the perspectives, he supports the idea as well as he is against the idea.


6) We Studied Brands Around The World. What Consumers Want Isn’t What You Think

This article is written by Brian Millar, Co-founder of the Emotional Intelligence Agency, an internet data and strategy company. According to the survey conducted by the author from around 5,000 people all around the world about the brands whose content they actively sought out in their mind.

From his research, he concluded that famous brands had multifaceted personalities. They could make one laugh, cry, cheer, smile, jump and dance etc. The focus nowadays is more precisely on the share of emotion rather than a share of mind. This article had around 11,200 shares.


7) 5 Ways to Avoid Writing Content That Will Never Be Read by Anyone

Every writer wants to be appreciated and stand out and look and do best. In order to be the best one has to create high quality, plagiarism-free content. One can maintain the quality but it is difficult to make it plagiarism free.

The successful piece is one which has the huge number of readability. So, while writing, one should keep these 5 points mentioned in this article, such as Competitive research, Topic ideation, Post quality and length, Post quantity and Promotion. This article is written by James Parson of with 10,100 thousand as a total number of shares.

So, there you go, these are the top 7 blogs on content marketing in review for the year 2017.

All the top blogs mainly talk about the effectiveness of the content marketing strategy, how to create high-quality, plagiarism free content, how to improve traffic on websites, how to enhance advertising area, how to provide better services to the customers online and be the best in the market.

What were your favorite blog posts from this year? Share those in the comments section below.