Business blogging is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to market your product. Whether you’re just starting out or have been in the business for some time, blogging will not only help you reach out to your target audience but will also help you engage with them and keep them updated.

Blogs help increase traffic to your website, attract prospective buyers, develop better customer relationships and position your brand as an industry leader. They are simple to set up, easy to use and are an efficient way to put out relevant and timely information to customers and new readers.

Before you head on to create your own blog, be sure that you choose the best blogging platform for your business while keeping up with the latest blogging trends. These blogging statistics can also help you figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Here are the top five reasons why business blogging works and why it will be beneficial for you and your company in the long run.


5 Reasons Why Business Blogging Works

1. It drives traffic to your website


Website Traffic


There are a few other ways to do this. One, you can have your customer base actually enter your company name in the search engine. But for that, they would already have to be existing customers. You won’t be able to re-direct new prospective buyers if they don’t have a clue about your company, right?

Two, you could drive traffic by paid advertisements. But the thing with paid advertisements is that, well, it’s paid. You’re going to have to put in a significant amount on investment to advertise your content.

Blogging solves both these problems at one go. Setting up a blog and publishing content doesn’t require a lot of investment. New readers or soon-to-be customers can know about your brand through your articles and blog posts. Unlike advertisements, blogs also offer the option of two-way conversations wherein the customers can also join in the discussion.

2. It increases the SEO of your site




This should be fairly simple to understand. Search engines love fresh content and what better way to give them just that than churning out articles at least every once every week?

One of the best ways to make your website comes up in the front page results is to make sure that every blog post and article is SEO optimized. This makes Google rank your site higher than your competitors which obviously helps you in the long run.

Other pages on your website are not likely to change but your blog can publish new content as frequently as it wants. Make sure that your content is well written and interesting to your readers. If your blog becomes popular and is well received by the audience, then the increase in the number of clicks will ensure a higher ranking in search engine results.

PS: Guest blogging is still not dead yet. You can select leaders from your industry to write about topics that they are passionate about. This establishes authority and long, well-written posts which have been researched well generally perform well in search engine results and helps your brand grow virtually.

3. It helps people connect with your brand


Brand Value

Reading your brand’s story helps the audience to connect with you on a deeper level. Blogging allows you to show a more personal side to your business and this is what people come for: to find out about the soul and drive working behind-the-scenes that they normally don’t get to see on the surface.

This can also help you gain customer insights into what’s popular and what’s not. What gets the most clicks and is most commented on and which posts have the most bounce rates. All of this can come in handy the next time you think about designing or creating a new service or product that your company will provide.

This helps establish trust and loyalty among your readership. As a plus point, it also helps in conversions, an important aspect of business blogging that we’re going to be talking about in the next point.

4. It helps in converting the traffic to leads


Lead Conversion


Once you get the traffic to your site, your next point of action should be trying to convert them into leads. And how do you do that?

Simple. You add a lead generating call-to-action in every post. Every blog post is a new opportunity to create new leads and the CTAs will help you achieve that goal. 

There are a lot of ways of incorporating CTAs. For starters, you can link the share button to the readers’ social media accounts, this gives them a chance to share your content with their circle. You can also ask them for their email IDs in exchange of freebies like a PDF containing important information that may be useful to your readers. This brings you one step closer in converting potential customers into actual customers.

5. It increases your outreach



Blogging increases your prospective customer outreach in every way possible.

Make sure to integrate the social media sharing button on all of your articles (as a form of CTA) to make sure that it’s easy for your audience to share your content. Posting inbound links on social media accounts like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter can help you to direct your audience to specific pages on your website. Not only does this give more publicity to your brand but it also helps you ease your way into your audience’s social circles.

Blogging is also an important way to create a brand image on social media. You can interact with your followers and have them connect to you on a more personal level. This helps you gain insights into your audience’s desires and wishes which can help you in servicing them better. This is also a great way to keep your customers updated about any product developments or new blog posts.

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