With the advancement of technology, blogging is evolving rapidly and it is necessary to stay in tune with the recent blogging trends to make sure that you stay relevant and up to date with the latest practices to ensure maximum gain of traffic and popularity.  In a place like the Internet where there are thousands of blogs and millions of posts being published every day, it is extremely important to stand apart from the crowd and offer something unique and unparalleled to your user base so that not only do they stick with you but are also engaged and interactive with the posts that your site publishes. So without further ado, here are some of the top blogging trends for 2017 that are sure to make your blog an absolute hit with your audience:

Blogging Trends for 2017


Quality matters

This is what ultimately will lead your user base to stay with you and inspire them to keep coming back for more. We cannot emphasize on how great content is important because it helps to differentiate you from the crowd and helps your audience connect with your content and the truth you believe in. Research to the depth of the topic from a variety of sources before plunging into a blog post and present your audience with a post which offers them not only the best of knowledge but also makes them better human beings.


Engaging with the Audience

Using social networking sites to an advantage is among the recent blogging trends that have taken the world by storm. Sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc help in engaging your user base and reaching out to an audience that may otherwise have come in only by explicitly searching for your post or blog in a search engine.

Whenever a new post is up, make sure to share the links to all the respective social networking sites as this makes sharing of blog posts that much easier and faster from one user to another. Make sure to keep an engaging CTA at the end of each post to ensure that the user interacts with the site somehow and takes back what he truly came looking for. Along with the link to your main site and links to our various social accounts, be sure to also take in feedback and suggestions to interact with your audience on a more personal level and gain a connection with them in the process.


The All-Powerful Email Lists

Although it is recommended to always be updated on the new trends and features in the world of blogging, one thing that is here to stay and will always probably be an essential part of the blogging process in the subscriber list or the email list. You can even add in a free PDF or exclusive content to attract new users to you add into your mailing list and keep engaging the ones already on the list.

Emails are a more personal way of connecting with your audience and the power of email must not be underestimated. Even though the importance of social media cannot be underdetermined and a presence on sites like Facebook do help in reaching out to a vast array of the audience, email lists keep track of how many people are actually actively engaged in the conversation.


User Experience is Important

Right from when the user enters your website to how he interacts with the various features within the website, the UI of the site plays an important role in determining how much satisfaction the user receives throughout his complete journey from the start and end of a session. Starting from the graphics to the visuals to the content, every detail plays a role in the bigger picture and are essential parts to take care of. How difficult is it for users to navigate through the content? How easy is it for him to view the post next to the current? How simple are the steps to search for a specific post that he had read about a year ago? What are the vibes that the shades and color schemes in your website design give off? More importantly, do you want them to give off that kind of vibe?

All of these tidbits are an immense part of adding up to how a visitor perceives your product against how you would want him to perceive it. Here is a post by UXMag to make you better understand how important UI truly is for the modern user in the Internet era.

These are a few things to be kept in mind while starting your own blog or for updating a blog to the current times and making sure that you are up to date with all the latest blogging trends and practices. What we would again like to iterate is that the core of blogging is, undoubtedly, made up of content but to make sure that you attract the right type of audience and more importantly, make them stay, you must balance out everything starting right from marketing and great content writing to user experience and visual appeal.

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