In this era of digitization, blogging and social media are the first cousins of digital marketing, and boy do they go hand in hand! It’s a competitive world out there, and to keep your business ahead in the race, it is crucial to keep your customers engaged via your digital presence. Regardless if you are a small business or a multinational brand, blogging is the backbone of your online content marketing strategy. But what people tend to forget is that blogging frequently is just as important as the process itself.

Here are 5 reasons Why Blogging Frequently is Important

1. Drives More Traffic:

Your entire inbound marketing strategy revolves around getting people to your website, and blogging frequently proves to be one of the best marketing tactics in doing so, thereby increasing page views and hits as your business gets exposure. Regularly updated quality content will generate more incoming links to your website, strengthen your brand, and attract readers, existing customers, as well as potential ones. Greater the number of people visiting your site, higher are the chances of potential conversion.

2. Fresh Content Increases SEO:

Blogging produces fresh content and Google, and other search engines LOVE fresh content! The impact of updated and frequent content can’t be underestimated as a factor in search engine optimization. Every time you put up a new blog post, you create a new page that can be indexed by search engines thereby making them acknowledge your site as the one which updates content frequently.

Once that happens, these search engines crawl your site more often than your competitors’. As a result, they put your website higher on search engine page results, exposing your brand to a new audience that may not know you yet.

To summarize, search engines tend to give more preference and SEO boosts to the sites that are updated, active and full of great content. Check out this link to learn all there is about SEO!

 3. Humanizes Your Brand:

While it is important for a business to acquire customers, it is as important to gain their trust and loyalty. How do you give a personalized touch to your business? Well, blogging is one of the best ways to go about it, to reach out to your audience and connect with them. Telling your story, and showcasing your expertise builds integrity. When you share your thoughts, give advice, and let people take a regular peek inside the operations of your business, you give them more of a reason to connect with you.

This interaction on a regular basis not only builds trust and adds credibility to your business, but is as important to establish your presence among other competitors in a more substantial way. To get more tips on how to get ahead of your competitors, you can check this out!

4. Higher Conversion Rates:

Considering the fact that return visitors add value to your website, providing them with fresh and updated content helps you significantly grow your digital presence. Blogging is nothing but free advertising! The only thing it costs you is your time and attention. It helps your business generate more leads and attracts potential customers. Showcasing your expertise and sharing your business values makes them rely on you, and gives you an edge over other competitors.

When people trust you, they will buy from you, and they are more likely to recommend your brand to other potential customers.

5. Drives Long-Term Results:

Other marketing strategies like buying advertisements might be easier to drive traffic and build awareness. But without money, once the ad stops, site traffic disappears with it. Those tactics might prove to be good for quicker results, but in the long run, you need something substantial and just as effective. 

Blogging, on the other hand, is free of cost and creates long-term results. There is a possibility your blogs will continue to drive traffic, and generate leads even after weeks, and years of putting it up. Your blog posts will continue to educate customers and maintain your online presence for a long time. Now that’s value, my friend!

So, think again. Are you spending too much time perfecting your blogs that you fail to publish your content as regularly and consistently as you should? Because, ultimately it is the quality of content that matters, but how frequently you interact with your audience base is just as important. Still confused how to proceed? Fret not, BlogPanda can be your ultimate guide. So connect with us and Blog away!