Content marketing is the next big thing and is taking the Internet by storm.

With the popularity of social media at an all-time high, good content can get viral when you lease expect it to. One of the recent examples being Wendy’s.

Wendy’s is an American fast-food restaurant chain that garnered a lot of interest last year when it started replying back to some of its customer’s complaints on Twitter. But they weren’t just replying, their replies were filled with sass as ammunition. 

Soon, it started “roasting” some of the popular brands and rivals like McDonald’s and Burger King.

A look at some of Wendy’s wittiest comebacks:

Here is Burger King being given a taste of their own medicine.

And here is McDonald’s suffering the same fate.

While it may have fluffed some feathers of its competitors, Wendy’s received more love than hate. Wth its tweets being re-tweeted thousands of times, Wendy’s got that sort of free promotion that is unbelievable and a downright dream for most of us.

And what did it start with? Content Marketing on Twitter.

But this isn’t a sure-shot protocol to success. As you will see further, content marketing is not all laughs and gags. There are a lot of things to be taken into consideration before planning your content marketing strategy. One of the most important factors to be taken into consideration is the target audience. I’ll prove my point with the very first company on my list.


7 Brilliant Content Marketing Examples from The Worlds

Best Companies


1) Zomato


Zomato is a searching device for restaurants across India with about 90 million visits monthly to its mobile app.

In the last couple of years, Zomato has been taking social media by storm with its fun and quirky posters. Since Zomato caters mostly to the younger generation, it made use of the latest trends and phrases used by the youth today to create a connection with its audience.

Its posters are colorful and minimalistic and just pure entertainment. If you have the slightest bit of idea what the content references, you will certainly be in awe of Zomato’s marketing strategy. Here are a few examples of Zomato’s take on: 


Game of Thrones


House of Cards


Pretty Little Liars


Breaking Bad


It also takes a light jab at how times are changing with it’s “Not So Long Ago-Today” Series.


Saving space


Keeping it clean


Less physical, more emotional effort

2) Nike


One brand that is globally well-recognized and has had some of the best content marketing examples of all time is Nike.

There are two things that come to mind instantly when Nike is brought up. One is the familiar swoosh of a logo. And the other is the company’s tagline: Just Do It.

Such is the power of marketing.

And Nike is among the few brands that have leveraged marketing to gain exponential success. By employing the top sportsmen (and women) as their brand ambassadors and faces of its various products, it has established an image of integrity, hard work, and trust.

In fact, here is a list of all the sponsorships Nike has had till date. Surely if the world’s best sportspersons can trust Nike as their equipment to success, shouldn’t you do too?


Notice the clean look of the overall advertisement and how the subjects pop out and grab your attention.

Nike’s marketing efforts have always had some factors in common. Their advertisements always show the person wearing them to be the main subject with their product being in the background.

But the magic lies in the content. Nike’s advertising has been known to invoke feelings in its audience that truly move them to believe in the product and the brand.

They don’t sell their products, they sell inspiration. Every marketing campaign tells a story that instantly connects to the audience’s heartstrings. Here is a prime example:


Here’s another example of Nike’s advertisement that has seemingly simple elements added in it: the product and the headline. But the brilliant font and headline pops up and grabs your attention before you scroll your eyes over the product.

3) Rolex


Rolex, as you can imagine, has a target audience very different to Wendy’s. While Wendy’s marketing deals with mostly laughs and gags, Rolex depends on more classier forms on marketing. This is because a brand like Rolex appeals to a more sophisticated audience.

The brand has built itself on the foundation of breakthrough technology and age-old trust. Its ambassadors are (more often than not) persons of high social stature (here’s one of the many examples) and this projects Rolex as being a luxurious and difficult-to-achieve brand image.


It’s Instagram handle (@rolex) has over 4.5 million followers and has a highly curated feel with a minimalistic design. The posts are all amazing photographs of the company’s latest releases or intimate details of its popular watches. This way, it keeps its customers and audience engaged with the brand.

4) Apple


When we talk about brilliant content marketing examples, it would be a shame to leave out one of the most influential brands of the 21st century: Apple.

Steve Jobs was the co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Apple Inc and a man of many talents. But the talent that he (or more so, Apple) banked on was his ability to market his products. So much so that Apple has almost set a benchmark for other companies to rethink their content marketing efforts and match up their efforts and marketing success with the giant.

Apart from product placements on media (both conventional and social) and leveraging good reviews from its customers, Apple has also garnered a huge following from its content marketing strategies.

Although Apple is not exactly the most consistent in its content marketing efforts (which is to be expected from a company that is constantly innovating and re-inventing the definition of technology), the product videos and advertisements that the company does pull out are never misses.

Apple’s marketing has acquired itself an audience that most of us can dream of and it leverages its success from its image of trust and innovation and it’s belief of using technology to create better and more efficient lives.

It focuses on aesthetically pleasing advertisements with clean and minimalistic designs. And guess what? It works.


Apple also makes sure to use easy language in its marketing. This makes its target audience feel as if they’re having a conversation and they instantly connect with the brand.


5. Coca-Cola


Take the name of this company and the unique logo with its red ribbon instantly comes into mind.

Coca-Cola, over the years, has become one of the stars of brilliant content marketing examples and it’s not difficult to see why.

Its main aim (that is evident in almost all of its advertisements or posts) is to inspire optimism and bring happiness to its customers. It shares a feeling of togetherness and a drink that celebrates companionship.

Coca-Cola’s tagline – Taste the Feeling, has taken the world by storm and is an indicator of worldwide togetherness and a perfect example of universal storytelling with the product at the core of the brand’s image.

It’s ‘One Brand’ strategy has been widely successful as has its other marketing strategies that push boundaries and ensures the brand always takes the lead. Focusing on customer engagement (a segment that Coca-Cola seems to have achieved expertise in) and the feelings that are associated with the product, Coca-Cola mostly garners a positive feel-good vibe from its customers.



With Coca-Cola’s consistent creative efforts and its determination for constant change keeps the audiences, as well as its rivals, guessing.

Though the brand had seen a sales drop from 2001 to 2006 (mostly due to consumer’s concerns about sugar-laden drinks), it quickly raised its brand value with its new and improved marketing efforts and has since then become a household name. 

6. Old Spice


This company has conducted some of my absolute favorite marketing campaigns and its advertisements always leave me in splits.

Old Spice is the perfect contender in a competition of the best content marketing examples and that definitely comes through in these posters. 

More than the actual consumers, the brand focused more their girlfriends and wives. It created a brand image of itself as something that women desired in a man and the brand played with that core concept on every marketing strategy.


The brand uses the perfect mix of comedy and parodies on how a “man” should be. Wildly entertaining and funny, it is no wonder that Old Spice’s ads go viral in the blink of an eye. 

Isaiah Amir Mustafa, the actor who plays a recurring character in the advertisements, is now widely known and owes a majority of his success to the commercials. In this interview, he says that he mostly gets recognized as the “Old Spice guy” and is absolutely “fine” with it.


Another great example of content marketing, Old Spice’s claim to global fame was by the team’s viral video marketing efforts that started from YouTube. After the brand started gaining momentum on its online presence and following, the brand started churning out more incredible ads, one funnier (or more shocking) than the last. 


Old Spice’s marketing strategy in itself is so clever and entertaining that you forget that you’re being sold a product at the moment. And that truly is a brilliant example of marketing done correctly in the digital era.

7. Buffer


When it comes to content marketing, Buffer’s marketing strategies take the cake.

Buffer (available both on desktop and on mobile) is a software application used to manage social media accounts. It is used to schedule posts on various social sites like Instagram, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and Twitter and is used to manage accounts on these sites with the touch of a button. 



According to this article, the brand had initially started setting up its blog with content for its potential users. Buffer soon realized that this approach had limited scope. They realized that this sort of content only interested a certain range of people and that their outreach was restricted. 

Buffer then decided to take two main factors into their approach. One was putting out awesome content (which is sort of a necessity if you’re dealing with content marketing) and the second, promote it socially. It quickly garnered many social fans with its actionable CTAs and easy social sharing options. 

Another strategy that Buffer used was the guest blogging strategy. Back in the days when Buffer was introduced, guest blogging was honorable and had not yet become a “trend” like it has today.

This helped the brand introduce new and old bloggers and increased its overall readership (which ultimately helped the community grow). This not only allowed audiences to discover new content but it also ensured that Buffer made a lot of friends.



In an interview, Buffer’s content crafter Kevan Lee says that to him, high-quality content is easy-to-read text, well-formatted and contains visuals that describe the big ideas. He says that the biggest source of motivation and inspiration the team gets is from their audience’s feedback on various social platforms, emails and blog comments. 



A journey of growing a start-up from 0 to 5 million dollars is definitely no easy task but with a great marketing team and amazing content to back yourself up, there is no limit to how far you can go. According to this Wikipedia article, “By May 2017, the team had reached 75 people working remotely from 50 cities in different parts of the world, more than 4.5 million registered users and over $14 million in annual revenue.”

That’s not bad at all for a company that started out with almost nothing.


It’s no wonder that most of them have established firm grounds on influential marketing and global success as a brand. It’s evident that there’s a lot to learn from these greats that will help us and our company grow to new heights. Developing a bond with the audience and staying true to their image are two of the main factors that have helped these businesses succeed.

As the American entrepreneur, author and public speaker Seth Godin said, “Content marketing is the only true marketing left.” And with someone with a net worth of 34 million dollars, there has to be some value behind those words, right?


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