Whether you are a business trying to rank up sales through a frequent blogging plan or someone with a passion for writing and planning to set up a blog for the first time, it is a tedious task to choose the best platform among the many out there on offer. With the popularity and number of blogging sites increasing day by day, it is extremely important that you choose the platform best suited to your blogging needs so that you can extract the maximum rate of success out of your content. So we present to you the top 3 best blogging platforms for your business, one of which is sure to help you begin your exciting journey to the world of blogging. 

Best Blogging Platforms for Your Business

Apart from keeping up to date with the various trends and practices to beat your competitors, it is equally necessary to pick out a blogging platform best suited to your needs. Let’s open up the list with a CMS or Content Managing System that we, especially those of you interested in the sphere of content writing, are familiar with:


Regarded unanimously at the top of the best blogging platforms available on the internet, WordPress is so much more than a blogging tool and is considered as one of the easiest platforms to users especially for all of you beginners out there that may be thinking of testing the waters before taking a dive into the sea of blogging.

WordPress powers millions of blogs and is responsible for a majority of the digital content available on the Internet today. Furthermore, there are numerous themes that you can test and try out to see the one that you are most comfortable with and the Yoast SEO which comes along with the CMS is sure to put you in the right direction SEO-wise. There are tons of tutorials and guides available on the internet to help you start off with this platform and truly discover what an amazing tool WordPress can be.


Another platform to help create beautiful and unique blogs, Blogger is a free blog hosting service acquired by Google in 2003. Just like WordPress, Blogger is extremely user-friendly. You do not need any coding or technical skills to set up your blog or present content to your audience.

Setting up templates, managing visuals and writing the actual digital content is made very easy. To add pictures or videos to your post, simply drag and drop from your desktop and into the current post. Although this platform offers many templates, you can also add in your customized template to add a unique touch and feel to your blog and make it as your own.

Blogger also supports easy compatibility with social networking sites and so, this seems to be a good option for those of you that have businesses having more of an online presence and offer products and services mainly in the digital sphere. Another feature to note is that Google AdSense and AdWords are added right it and require no extra download.


This brings us to Medium, a platform for writers to share and read content from other fellow writers. This helps the entire community learn and ultimately, grow in the process. Although a fairly new website, Medium offers readers a chance to discover new writers and easily share their most favorited posts and articles with their friends and family with the click of a button ( or a touch of a finger in case you’re on your mobile). 

This is a great platform for those of you who require a strong social presence and feel that social media is the ultimate golden ticket to your blog’s success.

Medium is an extremely easy way of creating posts and sharing content that you love. The algorithms behind the website take the most relevant content at the top of your Medium news feed according to the various levels of engagement of the blog posts. It offers a way for users to make their content seen and gain a respectable audience in a community where they are loved and appreciated.

Apart from the importance of great content and marketing skills, choosing the right blogging platform is equally essential and critical to your blog’s success. Blogs help tremendously in increasing visibility and raking in new users in the digital age. So what are you waiting for? Choose the right platform and get down to making your business a big hit and success!

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