With content writing enthusiasts and content marketers on the rise, competition in this field is at an all-time high and it’s become an arduous task to try to stay in the lead and win the race. There are, however, a few ways to make sure that your blog stands out from the crowd and takes you two steps ahead to help you beat your competition in blogging.

Here are 3 Definite Ways to Beat Your Competition in Blogging


1. Create headlines that capture the reader’s attention


According to a survey, there are 2 million blog posts published per day. So how do you make sure that your target audience chooses you among the other countless competitors that have the same subject on offer? The solution is to put up amazing, thought-provoking headlines that can truly resonate with your target audience and is one of the key ways into helping you beat your competition.

The main title is the very first thing that your reader sees that tells them what to expect in the post and creates an impression of what the post will be about. Of course, the content is the actual star that makes up the post, with visuals and other non-textual appearances playing the supporting roles, but the headlines are what make the trailer and showcase the entire story in a short and concise manner. This means that if the trailer manages to impress the audience with the idea and the storyline, then the movie is sure to be a huge hit.

2. Think of the website design and impression


Your website should be designed based on the field or the niche that you want to write for. What is the type of mood that you are setting up? Do you want your website to be more fun and quirky, or do you want it to be more business-like and formal?

A lot of the first impressions are made up just by visiting the site and looking at its layout. The color schemes and designs set up the tone for the complete website and help the readers resonate with the content. Using bright colors like yellow or red means that the content in your website makes for a light and breezy reading and gives a feeling of a more friendly, casual undertone to the audience compared to darker colors like black or gray, which may give off a more business-like, serious vibe.

Apart from colors and designs that make up the visual aspect of your website, other aspects like the font and size of the text that you use in your blogs, the formatting of your posts, the structure of your website, all add up to the user experience and can accordingly increase or decrease your conversions.

Small things like how simple it is for your reader to search for a relevant topic or to get from one topic to another helps determine whether he will be back the next time he seeks information about the same topic. To stay ahead of the competition, the complete journey and experience of the user should be considered right from when he views the topic headline in the search engine to the time his session expires and he moves on to another website.

3. Be well-detailed and researched


Whenever you begin to ideate a post on a subject matter that requires some amount of research, then it’s best to look at stories and posts from a number of sources, gather relevant points from these sources and integrate these points to reach a well-established, logical conclusion. Consider adding in real-time data, statistics, graphical data and links to redirect your facts and figures to your sources to maintain trust and confidence with your readers.

Try your best to dig deep into the subject to fully grasp the topic and understand where all the facts come from and how it is relevant to your blog post as a whole.

A great example of blog posts that go deep into research and provide links to illustrate and verify its points are the Elon Musk Post series by Tim Urban, a series of posts that completely define the man from start to finish, beginning with Musk’s dream, how he made it possible and how he is on his way to creating an actual realisable sustainable future.

To truly resonate with your audience and gain a loyal readership, apart from the three points mentioned above, it is equally important to stay true to your content, have belief in your truth and strategize and market your product well. This will work wonders in helping you stay ahead of the crowd and gather a following unique to your genre.

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