“The pen is mightier than the sword.”


We have all grown up hearing this, and one would wonder how blogging might be relevant to your business – let alone profitable. Why should I start a business blog? One would often ask. But the better question would be…why shouldn’t you? Setting up a blog doesn’t cost much, the process is easy, and the potential is endless. If this still doesn’t convince you, here are three more reasons as to why one should blog regularly.


Increasing your website traffic:


Any website, be it an e-commerce platform, a tech-based product, or it could be your own personal blog website where you like putting thoughts and sharing stories for the world to see. The first thing that a person in any of these instances wants is to generate traffic. And by traffic I mean to say website visits. That’s the most basic thing that we all want – a way to increase traffic to our website. And the answer here is pretty simple. Blogs!

Know the thumb rule that generating content breeds more traffic.

  • Use your blog as a marketing tactic to drive traffic to your website, advertise and increase reach. It also gives you the opportunity to create relevant content and interact directly with your customers.
  • Make the blog on your website the foundation for all of your social media platforms. Blogs are a great source of regular content for you to maintain your social media presence. You can create compelling pictorials using certain quotes, statistics or any interesting facts from your blogs and share it on your social media platforms. That would further attract people to click those pictorials and read your blogs. So go ahead and give your social followers enough reasons to click through to your website.

  • Additionally, post inbound links directly in your blog articles, to drive traffic to specific sections or landing pages of your website.


Increase your SEO:


The possibilities of a fresh new content that is being written regularly, are endless! It’s a very important factor in your search engine optimization.

Know for a fact that Google and other search engines tend to give more weight and SEO boosts to websites that update their content regularly over those that aren’t so frequent.

Another important aspect in SEO rankings is ‘Keywords’. List out specific keywords, topics, and categories you want your business to be found with – that is the key aspect of successful blogging. Use these words, and related expressions when writing your posts. Keywords and topics on your website are a significant way in which Google (and other search engines) find your site for these searched words.

The more you blog regularly about your product, business or industry, the more it increases your search keywords which further helps your website rank better for those keywords on Google and other search engines.



Improve customer relationships:


Blogging regularly helps you to set up an interaction with your readers and build a relationship with them. When you blog regularly and create content which is helpful for your target customer and helps them in answering their common queries, you start establishing yourself as an authority in their eyes. They start considering you a thought leader in the topics that you write about.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and explore the endless potential of blogging for your business. Still confused on where to begin with? Don’t you worry, BlogPanda is here to help!