One might be cynical of the advantages of blogging in the times when humans do not have the patience to sit back and enjoy the joys of reading anything. In the times of micro-blogging, the conventional style of blogging might seem undesirable to the point of uselessness – but do not let the commonsensical notion fool you. Statistics show how blogging can be beneficial for your business – Websites with a blog have tended to have 434% more indexed pages.

Today we bring you 10 reasons why blogging is beneficial for your business:

1) A blog is a very easy and feasible platform for connecting with and sharing timely and relevant information with customers. You do not spend money on marketing and mediating information. It becomes your direct communication channel.

2) 60% of businesses who blog acquire more customers and are better networked, according to a HubSpot survey.

3) Your blog is the heart of all of your content marketing efforts. It’s fodder for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email newsletters, e-books, etc. You can reach everywhere around the world with your blog with just one click!

4) It gives your company a voice. Have misunderstandings? Clear it. Made mistake? Apologize. Have a new product? Create the buzz! A blog creates a place to talk about new products or services, comment on timely news topics or market trends, and share company initiatives beyond your website. It’s also the place to let your brand’s personality shine and show people what you’re all about. It gives an “insider’s view”.

5) Writing a blog establishes your expertise. How else will you position yourself as a subject area expert and thought leader?

6) It can be fun. Blogging can be energizing, exciting, interesting and something you look forward to. Use the platform to brainstorm ideas, converse and widen your horizon! A fun and fulfilling activity in your mundane every day!

7) Blog writing makes you think… about newsworthy topics, your industry, your customers and the world around you. It increases your mental capacities.

8) Blogging helps you sharpen your business focus. To create a blogging strategy you must be clear about who you are blogging for and why. A blog with no focus attracts no readers.

9) You can tell your brand’s story. A blog is a great place to offer more insight into your company, philosophy, employees, and ideas. Use it for sharing the more personal side of you, your company, your passion and your motivation.

10) Gives you insight into your audience. Blog analytics allow you to track readers, click-throughs, popular topics, shares, and comments. You can even tell what day of the week your visitors prefer to stop by.